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"Mummy, I want a horse cake"
dear little Johnny said
You say you don't know how
and now you're filled with dread.

"The cake must be a Horse"
Johnny really does insist
"I have always loved them"
He has even written a list.

So now it is developing
into a major occasion
and you do have a lot to prepare
on the day of the invasion.

Call us with your requirements
we will make the cake for you
with loving care and devotion
just as you wanted to.

At a reasonable price
and personalised just for him
the cake will leave you and Johnny
with a beaming grin.


     Partake of Cake is a Melbourne based company, specialising in custom made sculpted cakes. 
    In addition we can create your wedding, engagement, celebration and corporate cakes. 

With your choice of flavours, our cakes are created from the freshest and highest quality ingredients, including free range eggs.
 Feel free to browse, other pictures available by request.  If you have a particular theme in mind please contact us to convey your ideas.  

Almost anything can be crafted into a cake.

We operate from a Council approved kitchen, are up to date with Food Safety Training and have a Food Safety Supervisor on the premises at all times.

Telephone: 0404-059-139